Baglama Lessons

Baglama is one of the most renowned Turkish folk instruments in Anatolia and played by millions of people throughout the world. Baglama’s long journey from Central Asia throughout centuries enabled it to reach many different communities and became a prominent folk instrument for many of cultures all the way from Central Asia to Anatolia.
There are 19 different tuning techniques, referred to as Tune, used to achieve the best performance of regional and modal requirements of certain songs. The strings grouped in three sets, tuned in many different combinations to achieve each of these 19 techniques and supports the harmonic structure of the music played. These advanced techniques are very important when it comes to performing specific repertoires but the entry level into Baglama begins with the two most common techniques, short neck Baglama Tuning and long neck Baglama Tuning.
Here at Net Music, we teach short neck Baglama and long neck Baglama with notes to help achieve in depth knowledge of Anatolian Folk Music modal structures. Our extensive knowledge in this field will provide a detailed knowledge around Anatolian Folk Music modal structures and an overall performance of Baglama.

course contents are outlined as:
• Instrument handling
• Sitting position
• Ear an rhythm development
• Music theory
• Note and solfege